Plumbing, Heating and Backflow Prevention Services in the GTA

The Urban Plumber can handle any plumbing, heating and backflow prevention need, and we install all common fixtures and parts. As a service to customers, we will sell fixtures and parts in the course of service calls. To ensure customer satisfaction, special care will be taken to establish relationships with suppliers.

The Urban Plumber installs, maintains and repairs the following:

• Potable Expansion Tanks

• Water Closets

• Basin & Pedestal Faucets/Sinks

• Tub & Shower Valves

• Roman Tub Faucets

• Bidet Faucets

• Dishwater Supplies

• Instant Hot Faucets

• Filtered Dispenser Faucets

• Pot Filling & Kitchen Faucets

• Laundry & Bar Faucets

• Clothes Washer Hoses & Valves

• Trap Seal Primers

• Washlet Seats

• Bathtubs & Drains

• Jacuzzi Tubs & Motors

• Water Softeners

• Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems for Homes

• Basins, P-Trap & P.O. Plugs

• Kitchen Sink Drains (Strainers, P-Traps)

• TSP for Floor Drains

• Laundry Tubes

• Garburators

• Sewage & Submersible Pumps

• Hot Water Tanks (Dip Tube, Relief Valve, Gas Valve)

• Thermostatic Mixing Valves

• PRV Valves

• Boiler Parts (Autofeed, BPP, Drain-O-Tank, Valves, Cushion Tanks, Relief Valves, PRV Valves, Portable Expansion Tanks)

Initially, The Urban Plumber will purchase necessary inventory one day prior to a job. The Urban Plumber will also work with suppliers to arrange customer purchase of high-priced items required, such as:

• Boilers

• Combo Boiler Heating & Domestic Hot Water Systems

• Filtration Water Systems for the Entire House

• High-End Fixtures (Included in those fixtures are multi-functional tub and shower valves with thermostats and volume controls such as body sprays, rain showers and adjustable hand showers)

• Bathtubs & Roman Tubs

• Pressure Boost System for Places in High Valleys

• Sewage and Storm Pumps

• Alarms & Back-Up Battery Systems

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