The Urban Plumber: Helping You with Preventative Maintenance

To prevent emergency calls, The Urban Plumber will advise you how to:

• Winterize your plumbing.

• Checks for leaks around the house.

• Check for leaking taps and faucets.

• Check for unpleasant odours coming from drains.

• Check sounds from drains to ensure they are draining properly.

The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Pouring acid products down drains such as Liquid-Plumbr® and Drano® causes serious environmental issues for the water supply. Some of these products are still available over the counter and many people do not realize they are a public health threat. As a maintenance alternative, clients are advised to use vinegar and water instead of chemicals.

Educating You on Long-Term Solutions

We are also available to advise you on low-flow water closets and plumbing fixtures, and to provide information about environmentally friendly options including high efficiency water tanks and recirculating pumps (for instant hot water in larger homes).

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