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Is the Water in Your Building Safe to Use?

Backflow Prevention Testing

Ensure Safe Water: Backflow Prevention Testing in the GTA Including Davisville and North York

Backflow prevention testing is all about protecting your health. It is a recommended practice that every main building in the city should follow and have inspected every year . It stops the flow of drainage into the city water and protects the water we all receive.  Make sure that your building owners or property managers are getting the water supply to your home or office checked regularly. It is critical for units such as hospitals, veterinary clinics and other verified medical centres, hairstylists/hair salons, car washing facilities and funeral homes to opt for backflow prevention testing.

The Need for Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention testing is required for commercial properties as an essential preventative measure to keep a safe water supply. It is important because if water pressure fails or is reduced, the system may allow contaminated water to be drawn into the system. This can happen when a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is an unusually high demand on the water system. So, for backflow prevention testing in the GTA, please call us. We serve the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Hyde Park, and Forest Hill.

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Installation of new units and testing is conducted on an annual basis. Permits and paperwork are required every year for all backflow units.

Rely on our expertise to make sure you get the right system for your needs.

Need Backflow Prevention Testing?

Get in touch with us now to discuss backflow testing for your commercial property.

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